Reflections on a Life With Bangs/fringe/the Short Hair Above My Eyebrows.

  1. "Maybe it's time for a change", I said. As I stared at my curly hair.
  2. I could straighten it all the time and brush it. It would be so 60's and great.
  3. Plus, I had them that one time... I like the picture I have from that one time!
  4. They look amazing on 60's French women and other people.
  5. But then they're on my face. And my hair is on the floor. And I look in the mirror. And I realize that I'm committed to at least 3-6 months of blow drying my hair.
  6. So, I put all those thoughts out of my head. I focus on how ponytails are cuter now.
  7. And then I see group pictures of myself.
  8. Has my face always been this round?
  9. I start remembering the days when I could take a shower, go to bed, and wake up with crazy curly hair and happiness in my heart.
  10. So, I'm here... Waiting to get my hair back.
  11. Please remind me that bangs are never a good idea. *
    *FOR ME. They look amazing on you.