Spiraling into a pit of social anxiety.
  1. I probably shouldn't have walked. I should've driven.
    There's no time.
  2. I approach an elderly couple slowly walking together, but probably 3 feet between them.
  3. That's sweet. They're antique shopping on a Sunday morning.
  4. I'm approaching them rather quickly.
  5. Should I slow down?
  6. That's weird. It's like I'm stalking them.
  7. I wonder if I'm alarming them.
  8. I'll just pass them.
  9. Should I walk between them? That's rude.
  10. I can't really pass them on the sides... They're walking so far apart.
  11. I wonder if I pass them quickly if that will look like I've been annoyed for a while and am just storming off.
  12. But if I walk casually, it might remind them of how slow they are and how fast they used to be.
  13. I don't want to brag about my youth.
  14. I'll just stop here for a while and let them go for awhile. Then I'll catch up.
  15. I caught up pretty fast.
  16. Maybe I should just take a different street.