Sketch Journal From When I Moved to LA

I found my sketchbook from 2012, when I moved back to California. I had very few friends and spent most of my time drawing. Or just being emo and ridiculous - which is pretty hilarious to me, now.
  1. The Woman at the Dresden
    The Dresden is essentially a 1960's swanky lounge that dove into the ground and remained perfectly intact. Including the people who come there. I spotted this lady sitting at the piano bar, drinking alone. Her face was aged, but she was wearing a disheveled platinum blonde beehive wig. I loved her immediately. But I loved her even more when she shrugged out of her leopard fur coat and grabbed a microphone.
  2. Societal Vermin - aka: the first time I encountered a pack of pretentious assholes in their natural environment.
    I remember watching them from a few feet away. A 20 something lanky blonde with a man bun sprawled out on a couch at this rooftop bar. He was clad in all white and recounting his most recent yoga retreat and how he found himself. To his audience, a gaggle of bored millennial females, the room could've caught on fire and they wouldn't have noticed. They ordered a cheese board without crackers. The board came with crackers. They shoved it at the waitress and the board fell to the ground.
  3. Drinking Alone
    I was waiting for my cousin to meet me at a coffee shop and spotted this man drinking alone. He looked so sad. I imagined he was a sea captain and traded his espresso for a whiskey.
  4. You're smothering me.
    I'm the polar bear.
  5. So many roaches.
  6. When the drama from before I left followed me to California.
    Poor emo, 22 year old Britt. You're not missing out an anything.
  7. Sketching campy horror movie monsters.
  8. Planning out some kind of ghoulish etiquette illustrations ?
    I'm kind of into this again...
  9. This strange little lady.
    An older child I saw waiting alone at a bus stop.
  10. I vaguely remember drawing out this diagram for a friend who was trying to figure out if a guy was wanting to take her on a date.