The Fable of the Cracked Phone Screen

You smug bastard.
  1. Of course, as a grateful millennial, I cherished my phone when I first got my hands on it.
  2. Does it need a case? Naaaaah. That would completely defeat the purpose of its slim design. I'll just be super careful.
  3. Then comes the day you're carrying too much at one time... Or forget it's in your lap when you get out of the car...
  4. But it turns out - everything's cool ! It didn't crack. And actually... You'll drop it another 8-12 times and replay the same scenario.
  5. As it turns out.. The last couple phases were the worst thing to happen to you. It should've cracked the first time, you irresponsible bastard. Put a case on it.
  6. Now, you feel invincible. You've heard stories of those amateurs who break their phones. But, not you. You've got that magic touch that keeps your little guy safe.
  7. Probably before you finished that thought 👆🏼 you delicately sneezed on your phone or set it down a little too roughly... And the screen shattered.
  8. (A moment of silence for your feels)
  9. This is when self loathing seeps in. All the regret... What could've been. What should've been...
  10. You may choose to get it fixed... Or, like me, you prefer to be reminded of your foolishness day after day. Needing to scroll around to read a text message all the way through.
  11. But, one thing is for sure. You know your calling in life, now. To warn other uncased losers of their foolish ways.
  12. They won't hear you, though. They have the magic touch that keeps their little guy safe.