My grandpa died today and I don't handle death very well. I'm sorry this is a bit of a bummer list... But I was afraid that I would forget my memories.
  1. The time I broke his entire snow globe collection.
    He had this Disney snow globe collection in his office that I was obsessed with. He always told me not to play with them - but I would always sneak in and look at them. One day, I broke them all on accident. And he wasn't even mad. He told me they looked even better without the glass and water.
  2. My grandparents lived in Yosemite and I would visit them for a couple weeks every now and then. That's where he taught me you could tell how old a tree had been by the rings in its stump.
  3. There was a creek behind their house and he would tell me, every time I came to visit, that he heard there was gold in the creek, but he could never find it.
    Miraculously I always found gold when I panned for it. I found out later he would always stock the pond with fool's gold before I would come visit.
  4. The time my Grandma asked him to entertain me while she cleaned the house.
    This was probably the same trip where I broke the snowglobes. I assume he had no idea how to entertain a 4 year old. So, he taught me how to break sticks with my knees and also let me help him put bombs in the gopher holes. 100% sure my Grandma would not have approved.
  5. His voice kind of sounded like Winnie the Pooh in the best way.
  6. Getting to sit in the front middle seat of his Chevy (named Nelly) between he and my Great Uncle Walt when they would run errands.
    Sneaking suspicion that this was also him "entertaining me" while my grandma got a break. :)
  7. The time we were in Oklahoma and he stopped the car (Nelly again) to honk at a cow.
    But it wasn't a cow... It was a bull. And the bull prepared itself to charge. But he kept honking. 😑