The Peak of My Life : Christmas Edition. 💅🏻🛌

I don't think I'll ever feel as much joy as baby Brittany felt about receiving Barbie Bunk Beds for Christmas.
  1. It starts off nice and slow. Cute little Brittany receives a present.
    My mom is heard in the background saying "Aren't you a lucky girl!" As clearly displayed by my face - I am very aware of how lucky I am.
  2. I spend a full second staring at the gift and cackling with glee.
  3. I struggle for a very long time with the wrapping.
    Ended up needing some assistance. My motor skills were obviously not ideal.
  4. I finally rip a long strip of wrapping paper off. And it's like "oh look how cute and sweet she is" moment.
  5. Until I realize that I've gotten Barbie Bunk Beds for Christmas... And I let out the most gratifying guttural groan of elation.
    "YYYYUUUUUUUUHHHHHSSSS!!!! BARBIE BUNK BEDS?!?!?!?!!?????!!!!!!!!!"
  6. I wish I could show the clip. Because it is seriously the groan of grown man on Super Bowl Sunday who has bet his life savings on the winning team.
    My cousin Jenny is in the background like whatevs I got this horse toy. (Jenny has always been creepily into Horses. She might be a less cool version of Tina Belcher.)
  7. Because Jenny doesn't understand how exciting the possibility of being able to treat not one... But two barbies to a refreshing night of sleep.
    Because horses can't fit in bunk beds and Jenny doesn't understand a world where anyone would need anything that wouldn't fit a horse.
  8. But I do. I get it that world.
    Don't need you. Bye, Jenny! 👋🏽 If you need me, I'll be the one with five stars on Barbie Yelp for my B&B. 💅🏻
  9. Future entrepreneur, right there.
  10. Doesn't get it. Only likes horses.