These Are the Best Cookies of All Time 🍪

Let's just get straight into this. It's about to get passionate up in here. NSFW.
  1. Shortbread
    Specifically those of the Panera Bread Co. variety. It's like the best pie crust you ever had was transformed into a thick buttery cookie. 💀
  2. Chocolate Chip
    A good chocolate chip cookie is like a shooting star... Or a unicorn. ☄🦄☄ Difficult and nearly impossible to come by. The perfect chocolate chip cookie is: 1.) not fully baked 2.) melting when I pull it apart 3.) no more than 20% chocolate chips. (extra points if the chocolate chips are small and not chunky)
  3. Mexican Wedding Cookies
    Damn, baby. Get over here. These only show up around the holidays, in my house. Buttery short bread on the inside... Powdered sugar on the outside. 💀
  4. Secret Family Recipe for Sugar Cookies
    Let me break this down for you - you've never had a sugar cookie this good. It's buttery, it's sweet, it's a little salty... It's melting in your mouth. You're dead, now. 💀
  5. Thumbprint
    At this point, I think it's safe to say I'm a shortbread whore. Shortbread with a little jelly in the middle? Sign me up.
  6. Stroopwafels
    Liiiiiike I don't even think this counts as a cookie... But do I look like I care? When I die, bury me in Stroopwafels. Thanks.
  7. Peppermint Christmas Cookie
    Two strands of peppermint sugar cookie twisted together into the shape of a candy cane. After a couple of these, I have a migraine that makes me question the meaning of life... But it was worth it.
  8. Wafers
    These basic bitches will always have a special place in my heart.
  9. Double Chocolate Chip
    ONLY FROM THE BAKERY NEAR MY HOUSE. It's like a brownie had a torrid love affair with a chocolate chip cookie. Yes, you have died. Yes, this is heaven.
  10. Selfie of me right now.