Things I Need Now That I Own This Majestic Velvet Tiger Painting

  1. Aforementioned majestic painting.
    Tiger. Acrylic on Velvet.
  2. Bearskin rug
  3. This.
  4. This velvet robe.
  5. Barry White on the turntable.
  6. Bon bons
  7. A few ferrets
    Like... A few. Somewhere between 3-12.
  8. Painting of myself for the entryway of my home.
  9. This fireplace.
  10. A cigarette holder
  11. To slowly age into Iris Apafel.
    Whom I accidentally left out of my last list.
  12. I'm starting a Kickstarter for this project. Can I count on your support ?
  13. This could be me... But with ferrets.