1. Cancer
    Oh god what's this freckle? Have I always had that freckle?
  2. Pneumonia
    But I was right... 😏 A hypochondriac's greatest accomplishment and worst fear.
  3. Heart attack
    My friend's brother's friend's cousin had a heart attack because he needed to get his wisdom teeth taken out and they were infected... And I have wisdom teeth... HOW DO I KNOW IF THEY'RE INFECTED!
  4. Male Organs on the inside
    ... But has anyone really checked, though?!?
  5. Parasites
    How do you even know?!?
  6. Teen Pregnancy
    This was a fear I had as a child... It was literally impossible. But I was convinced it was possible somehow.
  7. AIDS
    What if a mosquito bit someone who had AIDS... And then bit me... Does that count?!
  8. Crazy
    This one is actually a thing. Please see: AIDS.