What to Do During a Blackout.

Thanks, California. ⬛️👀🔦⬛️
  1. Immediately check the battery of your phone.
    Not ideal... But low power mode! I'll be fine.
  2. Refuse to check phone...
    Gotta reserve battery life. What if the lights are out forever? 👀
  3. Think about life.
  4. 📢 ABORT ABORT 📢
    Don't think about life !!
  5. Browse low power phone entertainment.
    Twenty four days until my birthday...
  6. Text somebody.
  7. End up back on the List App.
  8. Panic about battery level.
    DAH! 2% in 10 minutes?!
  9. Comfort self in the fetal position.
    Try not to think about all the data your using.
  10. 💡💡💡 POWER!! 💡💡💡
  11. Longest 15 minutes of my life.
  12. Resume watching You're The Worst.