When You Watch Star Trek Og for the First Time.

And you like really dig it. 🖖🤓
  1. I mean I'm already HEAVILY into 1960's space age... But when I hear "Star Trek" I think of this 90's jaundiced fool.
  2. And this weird headed disaster.
  3. Not this dreamboat !
  4. I definitely don't think of space autoharps!
  5. And babizon space lady costumes.
  6. And 60's set design that makes me a literal heart eyes emoji.
  7. It's like... Gilligan's Island had a baby with Star Wars. And I'm like... OKAY! LETS DO THIS!
  8. All I'm saying is... I think I've got my Halloween costume on lockdown.
  9. Basically so I can be a boss ass bitch.
  10. Well... Anyway. This is me, now. I guess.