When Your Traveling Companion Is the Worst.

Super young. Won't leave me alone. Stranger.
  1. "Ugh. b-r-b. Gotta go change my tampon AGAIN. My flow is so heavy."
  2. "He won't text me. I don't understand why. I mean... Yeah. I lied to him. But like... It's not that big of a deal."
  3. (I have my headphones on she taps on my shoulder) "look at this snap! My friend is so drunk... It's so funny."
  4. (Taps on my shoulder again) "look at this picture. The people I work with did all of this for my birthday. There's caaaake.. I still have those candles, they light up. There's like flowers n shit.. And like streamers..."
  5. "It's flooding in Atlanta. I hope we can land."
  6. "I'm always afraid the plane is going to crash, aren't you?"
  7. "Wanna get drunk in Atlanta ?"