Take what I say... Take it down a couple notches on the drama meter... You will find my intent.
  1. Like
    Like... Even if I wanted to stop saying like... I'm like not sure if I could even stop.
  2. Honestly
    1.) To be honest with you, you're the best. 2.) Honestly... I need a drink.
  3. Essential (Essentially)
    1.) This apple is essential to my life, right now. 2.) you're essentially the most important thing that's happened today.
  4. Slay Me.
    1.) to be honest... This taco is slaying me.
  5. The Love Of My Life
    1.) Your dog is the love my life. 2.) Honestly, my bed is the love of my life. 3.) I met the love of my life today... He was in dog form.
  6. Obsessed.
    1.) I'm obsessed with you. 2.) I'm obsessed with this taco. 3.) I'm obsessed with your house.
  7. Right now. (Rn)
    1.) Honestly, I'm obsessed with you right now.
  8. Bonus: referencing my soul.
    My soul is dying. This song slays my soul. Etc etc.