Right of passage: Sitting with your child while she explains to the Juvey Officer having a pipe in the car and a burnt out headlamp. (Me/Her)
  1. Smoking Cannabis / smoking weed
    Left = me, Right = 17 yr old
  2. Owning 3 PAX's / Gatorade bottle sharpie bong
  3. Hiding an frequently revisited habit / throwing stinky hot box clothing on bedroom floor
  4. Has a Serious Weed Pokerface / cries nonstop
    Ok this is not really a list item, just a comparison.
  5. Locks up everything in a safe / drops roach on bathroom floor
  6. Side swiped Boss's car / Totaled backup family car
    Following to close to some dumbass teen girls who slammed on brakes in middle of road...