Some of these I've kept because of the memory attached to them some just because I like it, one just because I didn't send it back.
  1. My first game console - Mario Bro Nintendo - 30 years old now. Given as a birthday present, from my parents.
  2. Lump of Silver - from the process of black & white photography. Some of the pictures are on my walls.
  3. Homer Simpson's Head by Rubik's Cube. A Christmas gift I received but have never completed. Probably never will.
  4. Volcanic rock, shells & marbles on a heart shaped plate made by my daughter.
  5. A hotel room key from a monastery in Prague that I stayed in last year. You'd think one would notice that in ones pocket. I didn't.
  6. Darth Vader stress ball. Star Wars has always been around.
  7. Zippo lighter I bought for my dad about 25 years ago. He never used it but gave back to me before he passed away.
  8. Gift given to me on birth of daughter - it looks like me if I didn't have any features on my face.
  9. 8mm Film cameras & light meter. The brownie 8mm camera was used to film family holidays by my father in law. He gave it to me.