First List. Start off with my favorite show. And my top 5 songs from it.
  1. TOUCH ME🙌
    It might be because I'm currently playing Georg and the vocal track for him is dope, but this show is all about discovery and this song really shows so much discovery in not just the eyes of Moritz, but the eyes of all of these crazy children.
  2. The Bitch of Living
    This is the guys version of My Junk, just more green day-ish. Just the energy level in this number make me so happy.
  3. Left Behind
    This song makes me feel things. So many thing. The words, oh the words. It's the most tragic, heart-breaking, beautiful, amazing, gracefully written song in the show.
  4. My Junk
    While not many people like this song, I love it. My Junk is not just a song about girls complaining, it's this group releasing their anger, I like to think of it as the song of the show where you get to see the that the girls are just as messed up as the guys.
  5. Totally Fucked
    It's the song of the show in midst of all of the shit happening that just says "Screw It" and lets the cast feel free for the first time in the second act.