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As an actor/writer the inevitability is that without a trustfund or a patron, I have to pay the bills until the day comes when I can support myself with my art. That day hasn't come yet. Someday I'm going to write a tell-all book about the restaurants I've worked at. For now, here is a name-droppy List that might get a cease and desist.
  1. Masa. South End, Boston.
    Aww, it's like looking at my baby pictures...if my baby pictures were taken in hell. The manager here was this Irish South Boston no nonsense lady who hired me based on very obviously made up serving experience. I spilt two Bloody Mary's on the same guy. I dropped a tray of mimosas. I lasted like 2 months before I quit to spend more time with my then girlfriend (haha college). They had awesome cornbread, though.
  2. Sarabeth's Central Park South. Midtown, New York City.
    Oh boy. 7am in time for brunches. Crazy tourists. Terrible, creepy managers. Old men servers who had put in 7 years at the same restaurant, so they ran the place. I was fresh out of college and so excited to not be in college, but this place promptly made me wish I was back in college. Joan Rivers slipped me a 20 under the table once and I will forever have that moment. Also, I'm blacklisted from working at all Sarabeth's 👍
  3. West Bank Cafe. Hell's Kitchen, New York City.
    This place is a New York institution! I only say this because many people said this to me. I waited on Chita Rivera and her entire family on Thanksgiving for my very first shift. I saw my manager almost get choked to death by a man twice his size after trying to get a pic of his license plate for causing a disturbance. I also waited on my BFF Joan Rivers here for the second time. I quit, but they were going to fire me. New York, New York...a helluva town.
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A comprehensive guide.
  1. 📝<---for sexting pre-1999.
  2. 📵<---for indicating you are not down to sext.
  3. 🕹<---for the clitoris.
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I have a degree in Musical Theatre from Emerson College. I took a film class in high school once. That was my full experience with filmmaking until I decided to Kickstart for a webseries with my friend and writing partner. Here is what I learned. Also, Check out my series,OREGONe, here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X5gIJf1UmvI
  1. Write economically.
    This is perhaps the most important. If you have an $8,000 budget like we did, you're not gonna have a lot of wiggle room. Don't write a giant action sequence. Don't write something with a bunch of expensive locations. Write about people, go thrift shopping, call in favors, but it'll be far less hassle if you start with the writing.
  2. Keep a detailed budget.
    Ohh boy did this save my ass. We kept a detailed budget of everything we bought. Since the funds were deposited into my personal bank account, I had to be extra diligent in making sure I didn't lose my own personal money. Also, this will probably save my ass come tax season, but that's to be determined.
  3. Listen. Listen. Listen.
    Your collaborators often have better ideas than you. Listen, learn, repeat. I can't emphasize this enough.
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We've all been there. We've all seen 'em.
  1. The One That Means Well
    This one is really trying guys. The author has good intentions. However, it's kind of painful to sit through. With its syrup-y sweet dialogue or it's painfully awkward serious moment, the audience really doesn't know what to make of it.
  2. The One That's Experimental
    Lights up. They hit a tambourine. The dialogue is about a barnyard. Tambourine. Scene change. Tambourine. Shadows. Tambourine. Tambourine. Sadness. The end. ...what?
  3. The One That's ...Meh
    What can you say about this one? It was fine. You laughed a little. You don't really remember what it was about, though.
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  1. Yoga
    I always resist going to yoga. Why? I always feel great afterwards. Oh, I know why...because I resist things that aren't easy. Yoga is work, but it's beautiful work and it's worth it.
  2. Peanut Butter
    The best food ever. Tied with mashed potatoes and gravy...but I didn't eat those today, unfortunately.
  3. Writing
    I've been in a small writing rut recently and tonight I started a new project that I'm super excited about.
Share your gratitude with me!
  1. Impromptu Hikes
    This happened today. Nature just gets me all blessed out. I love it.
  2. Libraries
    I rediscovered my love for libraries today. It's been like 10 years since I checked out a book (I buy waaaaaayyyyyy too many), but what an incredible place for free discovery of knowledge.
  3. Whiskey
    Mmmmmmm...my fall/winter friend, it's good to see you.
  1. Wheresmyvoice
    I lost my voice at summer camp and thought that this would be the only appropriate route to create a witty user name.
  2. FlamingoFace13
    Suggested by   @keenanrecks
  3. Drmaqn423
    Drama queen + my birthday (4/23 = April 23)
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
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If you haven't read this insane (but very plausible) fan theory about the new movies, please do. You can find both the Reddit link and theory link in this article: http://www.wired.com/2015/10/insane-star-wars-theory/
  2. Possibly have a heart attack.
  3. Cry because the prequels have (kind of) been redeemed.
  4. Worship at the altar of JJ Abrams forever and ever amen.
What are you grateful for? Join me.
  1. Rainy days.
    I got back to Oregon today and it just poured rain...I absolutely loved it. My dad said to me as I was headed to my first year of college "Rain means new beginnings." And I've always held onto that. I've found no proof of this statement holding any validity, but my dad said it. I want to believe it because I like it and I like rain.
  2. Seeing my friends succeed.
    Tonight I saw my dear friend Mitchell perform in the 42nd Street national tour. There is nothing like watching people you love do what they are meant to be doing. My heart is warm.
  3. Halloween.
    I didn't celebrate this year in any traditional way, but I love Halloween. I think we should bring a whimsical spookiness to everything we do.
Share your goodness with me!
  1. The Humans @ Roundabout
    Guys, if you're in New York. Please see this play. It's transferring to Broadway next year so you'll have plenty of opportunities. It's so important to me. Nothing I have ever seen ever captures life as I know it like this play does. It's a very beautiful thing.
  2. Meditation
    My constant. It has provided me with the ability to stay present and grounded, regardless of external circumstance.
  3. The List App
    I really freaking love this app and the weird, brilliant, writer-friendly culture it inspires. Grateful for all of you.