A user's manual.
  1. 🍆 <---for him. When you don't want to be subtle.
  2. 🌽<---see above. A less common, but still respectable choice.
  3. 🍥<---for her.
  4. 👄💋<---for people who "just want to kiss."
  5. 👌🏼👈🏼<--- A classic sexual suggestion.
  6. 👨‍👩‍👧 <---for couples looking for a third.
  7. 🚿🛁🛀 <---for when the bed is not enough.
  8. 🔝🔙🔚 <--for clarity's sake.
  9. 🙊<---for when you've said to much, but you don't regret it. I.e. Suggesting anal.
  10. 🐣<---I'm pregnant with your child.
  11. 💧💦☔️ <---for when you're wet. Physically and...well, physically.
  12. 😮<--- the neutral "o" face.
  13. 😯<---the "o" face with eyebrows.
  14. 😱<---the the dear god what decisions have I made with my life that have led me up to this moment "o" face.
  15. 🔄 <---for 69ing.
  16. 🏧 <---for special occasions. (Courtesy of @AsaAkira)
  17. 🙏🏾<--- for missionary position...or desperation.
  18. 🔵🔵 <---for blue balls.
  19. 🔯<---specifically for people you met on J-Date.
  20. 〽️<---for erectile dysfunction.