This is the most I've traveled in a single year and I kind of really love it.
  1. New York
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    I lived here.
  2. Costa Rica
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    An actor's retreat called Blue Zone. Run by the incredible Alaine Alldaffer. This trip changed my life.
  3. New York
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    It was winter. It was cold.
  4. Ireland
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    I booked this at 3am under the pretense of "You Only Live Once."
  5. Scotland
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    Visiting my brother who was studying abroad in London. Met up in Glasgow. Saw a Stornoway concert. Broke some polish guy's door at an AirBNB by accident.
  6. Ireland
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    Went to Galway and experienced magic.
  7. New York
    During this time I was Kickstarting for OREGONe with Former Fat Kids Society and generally looking to escape NYC for the summer.
  8. Oregon
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    Filming OREGONe!
  9. Maine
    Working at Acting Manitou, an incredible summer camp.
  10. New York
    Realized I wasn't loving living in NYC and I was always looking forward to my next trip. I decided to move.
  11. Boston
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    First time being back since graduating from Emerson.
  12. New York
    Just a few more days before the move.
  13. Oregon
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    I live here now (temporarily).
  14. New York
    I move away and auditions beckon me back.
  15. And back to Oregon in a week or so! Next (and more permanent) stop: LA!