Tales From a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Today, I went to Float On in Portland, OR and had my first experience in a flotation tank. These things were popular in the '70's and have been making a comeback due to research on how the 'weightless' experience may be super helpful to the human body.
  1. I arrived at Float On in Portland.
    The waiting room was calming. It felt like I was getting ready to enter an aquarium.
  2. I was escorted to my room by the friendly staff member.
    The room was modest with a shower, the tank itself, and everything I could need for floating. Extra perk, a bathrobe.
  3. I showered first.
  4. I got into the tank. I closed the door.
    It is pitch black once you get in. It's a little unnerving at first. At first I thought, oh my god I'm in a water coffin. However, I sat with that and got over it. It quickly became a relaxing experience.
  5. After about 20 minutes, I started to fully relax.
    It is difficult to now describe how this feeling felt because it was unlike anything else. Weightless, playful, calming are all words that come to mind.
  6. 90-minutes later...I emerged.
  7. I showered the salty feeling off of my body.
  8. I left.
  9. 2 hours later, I am feeling so zen it's like woah. The world is beautiful and honestly what's the point of worrying, ya know?
  10. I want to go back again.
    I want to see if I have a deeper experience now that I realize I'm not going to die. I think it will be magical.