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it's all the things i have to do
  1. 1.
    stpec 491h critical spatial glossary
    due 12/7
  2. 2.
    stpec 392h zine + presentation
    due 12/8
  3. 3.
    anthro 364 draft
    due 12/9
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the beginning of a summer reading list??? lot of nonfiction on here bc school but i want to read a lot of fiction too ok
  1. dispersing power by raul zibechi
  2. deglobalisation by walden bello
  3. parable of the sower by octavia butler
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ok so i made this list a while ago and never published it for various personal reasons but i just looked over on the couch to find lily making the same list so here's mine :)
  1. wtf is this??? maybe i love you???? oooooo maybe it's an exclamation point idc
  2. 🌯
  3. 🌶
    lil pepper hi buddy
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  1. "where's my wallet?"
  2. "can i have some more rice and beans?
  1. 1.
    eat more popsicles
    i bought a popsicle after dinner
  2. 2.
    don't lose my wallet
    i often lose my wallet
  3. 3.
    continue listing
  4. 4.
    campaign against winter
    and towards california
  1. the gradual fucking murder of summer and all things warm and beautiful
  2. almost winter
  3. "all the leaves are dying and somehow that is beautiful" time
    Suggested by   @koopi
a collection of wonderful things ive had the privilege of seeing
  1. hi baby
  2. the base of the dock at lilys lake house
  3. i almost cried
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as i lay in bed at 3:35 pm
  1. standing up
  2. writing a 3-5 page response paper for my peoples movements in india class
    this was due last Tuesday :(
  3. writing a first personal narrative of nicks experience at chick-fil-a using his words from our interview transcript
    this is a hard and dumb assignment and who am i to tell someone else's story
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