a collection of wonderful things ive had the privilege of seeing
  1. hi baby
  2. the base of the dock at lilys lake house
  3. i almost cried
  4. @ boston calling i couldn't decide whether to look at her face or the stage
    often the face won
  5. sundays at the bookmill are a treat
  6. under a tree
  7. father john misty @ boston calling
  8. my best pal @gardengirlsam
  9. i watched the sun set so many beautiful and wondrous times this summer from this spot
  10. uh oh we are getting to the bridge of flowers
  11. rly no words
  12. like
  13. in love @ apex orchards
  14. found a wonderful field of wild flowers w @lilycigs and @gardengirlsam
  15. stanley street swimming hole in amherst, ma
  16. wow
  17. i was lying in the grass on acid when i took this and sometimes the way the sun shines through the trees is just so BEAUTIFUL
  18. this massive dog at the top of owls head mountain in upstate ny
  19. left for me when i woke up one morning in montreal
  20. ive never been more in love
  21. this painting in moma wow i lost my shit about the colors
  22. loml
  23. @ lake wyola
  24. wild exhibit @ mass moca
  25. :) @ central park zoo
  26. radical art at the university of massachusetts amherst
  27. black bean avocado pizza + sunset
  28. hi babies
  29. this beaut is in my front yard at home omg i love spring i fucking hate winter
  30. aria (on her birthday??) looking cute af featuring some cute af veggies
  31. the first good day of spring 2015 with my baby
  32. once when Lily and i were blooming baes i drew on her back :)
  33. 724!!!!!!!!!!!! this was my view everyday thx @nickyminoz
  34. fucking skrillex this was maybe the first month of college but also a #squad initiation event
  35. new year's day 2015 @ first beach in newport what a beautiful endless day
  36. my pup:)
  37. fall 2014 was also lit
  38. real colors!!! amherst is made up!!!
  39. w my buddy liz in dartmouth, ma
  40. FALL 2013 WAS ALSO LIT (in new hampshire at least)