1. this dog was met by lily but she sent it to me it was like a shared experience
  2. this dog was massive and met atop a mountain in upstate ny
  3. this dog is not a dog but a wonderful cat named mica that lived in the apartment we stayed in in Montreal :)
  4. this dog was brought into work by my boss this summer n was tiny n soft
  5. this dog was tied to a tree in Northampton :)
  6. this dog was at the top of mount holyoke and is my friend
  7. this dog is named cal and im pretty sure was @ extravaganja in amherst
  8. this dog belongs to my bestfriend James and is named max and is the best
  9. this dog is fucking stoned
  10. this dog was in a consignment shop in noho !!!!' name unknown :(
  11. this dog came waltzing into my building today!! named beau
  12. this dog belongs to me 😀