1. select who gets to see lists
    like the ability to send a list privately to somebody, or to only share it with a group of people.
  2. collaborative lists
    where you can invite collaborators and create lists with multiple authors maybe, a little different from the open list feature where anyone can make suggestions to preexisting lists
  3. integration with other services
    im thinking spotify for playlists, Amazon/other websites for a wish/shopping list, ability to embed tweets/facebook statuses in lists
  4. link shortening
    so i can easily access things without taking up 200 characters
  5. im going to keep adding to this as I use it, suggest any ideas u have !!
  6. Post a picture without text
    Suggested by   @gardengirlsam
  7. Subcategories of lists (food, fashion, news, comedy, etc) and a discover page
    so I can find specific info and accounts in a better way than just searching a word or phrase
    Suggested by   @lilycigs
  8. hashtags/tags
    if not for social/discovery purposes, at least the ability to tag your own lists for categorizing/organizational purposes
  9. Checkboxes as a list type option !!!!
    Suggested by   @lilycigs