things I'm most probably talking about at any moment of the day
  1. Playing fifa
    Catch me on the pitch
  2. Soccer game highlights
  3. Rashida Jones
    My wife
  4. The office
    Best show on Netflix
  5. How much things cost in terms of my hourly pay rate
    I'm just a broke boy
  6. How much my roommates play super smash brothers
    Literally all the time........
  7. How much my roommates play league or legends
    They play all day every day...
  8. My roommates being thots
  9. How I'm just a boy
  10. My love for Alex Morgan
  11. How rashida Jones is going to fall in love with me
  12. How there is never any room in the fridge
  13. Yuhong being a thot
  14. Work
  15. Stupid things my roommates say
    Gonna start a new list bc of this lol