everyone is annoyed by roommates at some point...
  1. Not having enough room in the refrigerator and freezer
  2. trashing the living room
  3. Leaving food out
  4. Playing league of legends all day long
    Clicking their lives away
  5. Not locking the door at night
  6. Losing the only mailbox key
    We ought to make a copy of that key...
  7. Jamming to weird brown music
    Sometimes it's lit tho
  8. Sobey and his thot adventures
    Poor Barkley
  9. Fruit peelings left 4 feet away from the trashcan
  10. Sobey slurping on oranges
  11. Yuhong sitting in her room with the door locked
  12. Watching Netflix ahead of me
  13. Watching league of legends on YouTube
  14. Using all the hot water
  15. Walking around on their heels
  16. Sit on their bed naked
  17. Start a tv show and leave the room
  18. Sing mainstream songs
  19. Make things not cool
  20. Playing yugioh on their phone
  21. Make sexual advances on me
  22. Walking around the apartment in their underwear
  23. Give me random nicknames
  24. Send me gay work out videos
  25. leaving clothes in the washer
  26. Hiding my chipotle ranch and then eventually losing the bottle
  27. Sobey lying about everything
  28. Banging on my bathroom door while I'm in it
  29. Choosing to be anti social by staying in on the weekends to play video games
  30. Yelling so loud that we get noise complaints from above
  31. Leaving empty boxes in the freezer
  32. Leave poop in the toilet