1. "Land of the pines"
    Darius Rucker, Wagon Wheel (written by Bob Dylan). This is number one because of bob Dylan and because it is slipped with essentially no purpose. It does no matter where he is coming from or where he is going, what matters is that he wants to "see [his] baby tonight" - hence the rocking
  2. "Bout a mile off Old Dirt Road"
    Jason Aldean, Night Train. This is near #1. Old Dirt Road is clearly already way out in the sticks. Only Aldean know of this location, and it is the perfect place to watch the night train.
  3. "Way up yonder past the caution light"
    Billy Currington, Good Directions. This location is home to a little country store with an old coke sign, if you're ever in the area, you should stop in for some sweet tea. But it's more the purpose of this location that is so important, If Billy was unable to direct her appropriately, she would never have returned.
  4. Amarillo
    Multiple artists, multiple songs. Amarillo seems to have all that one might need in life. George Straight desires to get there by morning, Aldean talks down to LA and NY people for their lack of having met a girl from there.
  5. Potts farm.
    Brantley Gilbert, colt ford, Dirt Road Anthem. It was the place to be. It's great because it represents the place we all spent our childhood with our friends. We may not have actually cut the barbed wires and called the girls, but didn't we though?
  6. Pizza Hut
    Eric Churc, give me back my hometown. Wow. This is fantastic. This is the ultimate no shame pride that country is all about. Eric loves his hometown, his friends wanted to cheer him up by going to the Pizza Hut. He wants his hometown back, and Pizza Hut is a crucial element of getting that back.
  7. "The playground, across the monkey bars to the merry go round"
    George Strait, Check yes or no. True, endless love formed where else then on the playground. George later in life continues to chase his love around the bedroom. Childish and innocent perfection.
  8. "Rundown bar across the railroad track"
    Brooks and Dunn, Neon moon. This on is for the heartbroken. If you loose your one and only, there's always room for the lonely. Have a beer, reflect on your loss, what a classic country way to deal with your problems.
  9. The Tallahatchie Bridge.
    Suggested by @sharris