1. Good Will Hunting
    Robin Williams just knocks it out of the park in this one. This is a film with great writing and strong emotional resonance. Very well thought out and well made. Will and his insecurities, arrogance and lack of direction and Sean's mentoring him with experience and empathy make for some of the most beautiful conversations. A gem.
  2. WALL-E
    The central focus of this film is a relationship between two robots which is surrounded by an equally entertaining and also thought-provoking side story. The central characters have a vocabulary limited to only four words between them so the lesser said about this film, the better. Anything otherwise would end up an understatement.
  3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    A gorgeous film about love, love lost and destiny.
  4. Babel
    Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu's film is about how we are interconnected by fate and the air we breathe and yet are so disconnected from each other. It is a heartbreaking examination of what it is like being alive and being with each other in this world.
  5. Lost in Translation
    Two people lost in life and stuck in a limbo of a country find each other and live for a while. This is the closest I've come to seeing a perfect film in terms of scene execution. A wholly satisfying film.