5 photos on my phone to remind me to take better care of myself

Events over the last 13 months to remind myself to be a better me for the next 13 months... And beyond.
  1. My grand parents 60th anniversary
    The day I decided to quit smoking
  2. My best man
    Here this dope is struggling to get through his speech without embarrassing himself, me, or my wife.
  3. My wife and I, Nassau
    Went to Nassau for the honeymoon. Got to see all the historic spots as seen in Assassins Creed Black Flag
  4. Gizmo and Widget
    These cats are the best. Even when Gizmo (the black one) knocks down the paper towel roll so Widget (the grey one) can tear it apart... "To shreds you say"
  5. Sitting is the new smoking
    My company got the staff some varidesks (sit or stand at will) another great stride toward making myself a bit healthier each day.