Books that mean a lot to me

I have a respectable personal library, considering our digitally oriented I am, I like the look of a book case full of books. I personally believe that what is on a persons bookcase, says more about a person than their clothes, car, or bling.
  1. Green eggs and ham
    I was born in a weird time of the year for the United States public school system. I was just on the cusp of too young to start school at the time I did, because I would have been to old if I waited a year. After muddling through first grade I was held back and spent half the next school year in "D-1" a remedial version of 1st grade. My only memory was the teacher being so "put out as to have to teach" that she just asked me to read green eggs and ham to the class every Friday.
  2. A Clockwork Orange
    I have read this book on a number of occasions. It's a wonderful read. It speaks to me on a base level. On a level that truly seems to understand me. I've always had a problem with authority figures. This book nails that to the wall. If you like the movie even a little bit, you must read the book.
  3. The Crystal Shard
    In 2005 I started working at Dave and Busters in Frisco Texas. One of my co-workers lent me my first paperback version of this book that led to a life long love affair with this authors works and the world he built around the characters. The only books in my personal library that I have multiple copies of (because of re-issued hard covers)
  4. The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe
    When I was younger, my father traveled a lot for work. My mother would keep my younger brother and I out of trouble and away from night time tv by reading stories aloud to us. Many books including Tolkien, Dahl, Kipling and C.S. Lewis over a long childhood. Later down the road when I mowed lawns for money. I saved all my cash and purchased the complete book series in Hardcover, spring boarding my desire to collect a personal library.
  5. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    One of the first video games I have a memory of is Destiny of an Emperor. Then later Dynasty Warriors 1, 2, 3 etc... When I discovered they where all based on an ancient text I had wanted it. The stories are all said to be true but pre-date paper, living before that as oral history. Well, it's since been written down and translated into English. After 20 years of wanting these books. My wife gave them to me on the night of our wedding.