1. Where's androo
  2. Is Androo going to be back soon
  3. Androo
  4. Does he actually use this sleeping bag as a blanket?
  5. I wonder what's in this cooler
  6. What does Androo do with all these boxes
  7. Has Androo ever drank out of this cool German cup?
  8. Would Androo notice if I tried on some of his clothes right now
  9. Androo Androo
  10. I wonder what Androo is doing right now
  11. How long have I been in this bed
  12. How would Androo feel if he came home to me still in his bed
  13. I'm going to get out of his bed
  14. Just a few more minutes tho
  15. Androo
  16. Androo
  17. Has it been a few minutes yet?
  18. Nah
  19. The people above Androos bedroom are noisy
  20. Okay this sleeping bag is actually pretty great
  21. I hope Androo brings back food
  22. I should get in Androos tub
  23. Okay
  24. *gets out of Androos bed*
  25. *****coming soon: thoughts in Androos tub*****