Top 5 Cute Things that Staffie's Do

I'm a staffie lover and if you know staffies you will be nodding your head along to the list
  1. They like to lick.. The air, your arm, your leg, your jeans, the air around your face, the air around food, the floor, the wall, the glass door..
  2. Their begging faces.. They're so adorable that they will melt your heart and you will give in to them. You will give in to them.
  3. They snuggle so nicely and/or sleep on top of you... They are affectionate and enjoy all the love they can get ☺️
  4. Chest scratches and keeping your hand where they want to be scratched .. It's a weakness and they will paw you to keep your hand on their chest and giving them the love they love 💗
  5. They love walkies!!!