That are not really that far-fetched, honestly
  1. My thumbs bending back too far and snapping right off my hand
    When I was 14 I had a dream that my thumb snapped in half like a breadstick, and now I don't let anyone touch them. I can't risk it, okay?
  2. Fainting near sharp objects, a cliff, or in the middle of a stampede
    NOoooOoOO. No.
  3. Walking through the forest and twigs getting jammed into my eyes
    I... I don't know where this one came from, but thinking about it makes me feel prickly and anxious.
  4. Falling in love with a guy that doesn't take the instructions on pill bottles seriously
    This makes me so mad and nervous when it's anyone doing this, so if I were to actually be in a relationship with someone who did this, I might have heart failure. And they wouldn't be able to help me because they would be so blasé about what medication to give me... Oh god.
  5. Accidentally uttering a series of words that release demons or other malevolent entities into the atmosphere
    ?????????? Maybe?????
  6. Thinking you have a cold only to find out you actually are showing the early symptoms of becoming a zombie
    I won't lie - this is at least 70% why I get extremely anxious after someone sneezes near me, aside from it obviously just being gross. But what if I become a zombie and then my family has to kill me? That's so sad, you guys.
  7. Getting imprisoned in a foreign country
    Obviously if you do your research and don't act like a prat you can avoid this, but STILL. Some places have obscure laws. One minute you're laughing at a particular frequency, the next you are trapped in a cement cage with 30 Americans. (Also someone sneaking drugs into your bag, holy shit.)
  8. Making someone so angry that they decide to hunt you down and kill you
    Or witnessing a murder.