the year I...
  1. stopped over-plucking my eyebrows
    and found a really good brow filler. what a difference both things make. 🙌
  2. survived a husband work trip with no outside help caring for the little ones
  3. watched the sun rise and set on top of a mountain
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  4. asked for what I wanted at work
    and eventually got it 👍
  5. survived my baby having surgery
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    barely. but oh, baby scrubs. cuteness overload.
  6. got my first facial
  7. took my son to his first movie theater
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  8. caught hand foot and mouth disease from my daughter
    among the many illnesses she shared this year, this one beat out the awful stomach virus by a nose.
  9. celebrated 12 years of marriage
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    with the guy I've loved since 1999. 😍
  10. started to feel like I can really do this.
    this whole adult/parent of two/full time job thing, for the first time since my 4 year old was born. it's like I've been holding my breath for 4 years and I'm finally starting to exhale just a tiny bit.
  11. cheers to 2016 and all that's to come! 🍾