you know that moment when you hear a song you used to love, but you almost forgot about it up until that moment because it had been so long? yep. shout-out to my new iPhone for affording me the space to put my entire music library on there and thus rediscover these gems.
  1. Rufus wainwright - poses (2001)
    Rufus opened for Tori Amos on one of her tours so I saw him a few times and fell madly in love with this album. every song is perfect and I hate that I let this disappear into a music graveyard for so long.
  2. KMFDM - retro (1998)
    this was one of the soundtracks for falling in love with my husband way back in high school. I hear this and I see us back then and I couldn't ask for a better gift.
  3. the dust brothers - fight club score (1999)
    I hear this and I think of writing every college paper of my life. it was all I would listen to when I wrote (and I was an English major so that was all the time). It was so inspiring to me without being disruptive.
  4. Norah jones - come away with me (2002)
    this album was a deep breath of fresh air for me when I needed to unwind so badly.
  5. Ben folds - rockin' the suburbs (2001)
    I will always remember Ben getting the crowd to participate in singing "not the same" at his shows and how genuinely fun he was.
  6. the donnas - gold medal (2004)
    I love the donnas, and I loved this album so much I think it is the only thing I ever reviewed on I thought the title track was genius.
  7. Sloan - between the bridges (1999)
    my best friend in college introduced me to Sloan years after this came out, and i forgot how much I love them. this album is top notch driving music and also just generally a masterpiece.
  8. Charlotte Martin - orphans (2008)
    Charlotte is one of my favorite artists and I listen to her always, but somehow this album wasn't in regular rotation. "habit" is the break-up song that strikes closest to home for me. this lady is a talent; please check her out if you haven't already.