best movie based on a board game forever and always.
  1. the music.
  2. my memories of forcing all my elementary school friends to watch it while eating popcorn soaked in Molly mcbutter and none of them really getting it.
  3. the three endings. I mean really, how freaking cool was that?
  4. Mrs. Peacock and her ridiculous hat that kept flopping around whenever she'd get flustered.
  5. mrs. peacock shouting "BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COOK!"
  6. mrs. white and the flames breathing down the side of her face.
  7. every moment of Tim curry.
  8. the fact that the actor who played mr. body is named is Lee Ving.
  9. the fact that the exterior shots of the house are way bigger than the actual interior set.
  10. secret passages omggg
  11. for years I only had a taped version recorded from basic cable to watch. when my sister and I finally got the full-length film and saw a ton of cut scenes, it was like Christmas morning.