1. aisle seat > window seat > not flying at all
    let me just not throttle through the heavens in a metal tube, ok?
  2. movie based on book > movie > book
    movies based on books can be terrible but there are notable exceptions (e.g. fight club, atonement). movies in general are awesome, but find me an amazing book and I will gladly give up sleep and food to spend all my time with it.
  3. 20s > 30s > childhood
    childhood will always win for me, but being a parent and giving little babies their own (hopefully largely positive) childhood is a close second.
  4. music > concerts > shows
    music in any form is welcome/required, but live music from a good artist is magic. give me my intimate shows.
  5. fall > summer > spring
    proof that kids change you: winter was my favorite season for 29 years. then I had a baby and realized winter now equaled a seemingly constant cycle of illness and now I am all about the 🌴 and 🍹 (pretending that's a margarita). also, chubby baby legs in rompers win always.
  6. Halloween > Christmas > Easter
    this is another ranking majorly influenced by having kids. I freaking love Easter now; it is Christmas light where I just have to fill a basket and not a whole damn tree base. honestly though I love all these holidays.
  7. seafood > crab cakes > steamed crabs
    I live in Maryland and have ridiculously high crab standards. there is nothing better than a crab house on the MD or DE shore eating freshly steamed crabs. 🦀😍
  8. toasted graham latte > pumpkin spice latte > gingerbread latte
    ain't nothin wrong with some Starbucks seasonal offerings.
  9. bread > cheese > bread with cheese