1. the scene: bedtime.
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    I'm cuddled with my 4-year-old in his rocking chair. he is snuggling the new stuffie dinosaur he got for Christmas. it's all sweet and happy, folks.
  2. I say to him: "we need to think of a name for your new dinosaur friend!"
    I think he'll say something cute like "taco!" or "36!" but it doesn't quite go that direction.
  3. my son says, very seriously, "her name is Sinnia."
    ok, that's unique--how cool!
  4. "oh, neat! where did you hear that name?"
    I ask, thinking it must be some character in one of his shows.
  5. "Sinnia is the name of a 1-year-old. she is a baby. I am her father."
  6. "this is in another world, not this world, mommy."
    "ooh" I say, while silently wondering where this is going.
  7. "I am her father. she doesn't have a mother."
  8. "why not?" I ask, knowing I will probably regret it.
  9. "some mothers die easily."
    well SHIT. no more watching Disney movies where parental death is a damn requirement. Jesus.
  10. he goes on. "Sinnia is covered in scratches. from animal attacks."
  11. "she has a backyard with bugs and spiders bigger than sharks."
  12. if anything tries to hurt Sinnia, the spiders will protect her."
    ah-ha! this is when it clicks for me. my kid isn't traveling between worlds, he's just already crafting creepy short stories and will become the next Neil Gaiman! I'm so proud of him already.
  13. Neil, I love you, but watch out.
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  14. I have grown some competition.
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