created and maintained by our kids, this is the current obstacle course that will meet you if you dared to enter from our front door. it constantly changes so you are always on your toes. I tell myself they are protecting us from possible intruders because that sounds better than trying to accidentally kill their parents by endlessly tripping them.
  1. the overview
    I don't think Indiana Jones would be up for this shit.
  2. obstacle #1: bath mermaid
    she may look nice enough, but if you step on her with bare feet you'll soon realize she is deadly.
  3. obstacle #2: ball popper
    the killer of naps. if you step on or kick this it is loud AF.
  4. obstacle #3: flower
    I don't really get this, it's quite soft and wouldn't hurt or make noise if you step on it. poor choice, kids.
  5. obstacle #4: Elmo plane
    this thing spins and lights up and talks and causes general mayhem and parent rage.
  6. final obstacle: play hammer
    go ahead and step on this. game over.