thanks for the request @BWN_7 !
  1. sleep once I've started
    don't wake me when I'm sleeping unless a murderer just broke into the house.
  2. sex once I've started
    pretty much same as above
  3. gift cards, as close to the exact amount as possible and as soon as I can upon receipt
    because I'm afraid I will lose them or forget they exist
  4. my career
    AKA can I just fast forward to the retirement portion please?
  5. cold food/drink before it gets hot
    and vice versa
  6. watching all those movies I've only seen bits and pieces of on cable (looking at you, cold mountain and inside out)
  7. my period
    day one I'm like why is this not done yet?!??
  8. decorating my house
  9. the oral hygiene of my 4 year old
    he is a terrible tooth-brusher.
  10. past grudges
    delete, delete, delete.