I think it is safe to say the bag was a wee bit overdue for a purge.
  1. chick-fil-a order from approximately 2 years ago scribbled on a post-it
    emphasizes need for a cookies and cream shake.
  2. 10 half-broken pairs of toddler sunglasses
  3. target coupon that expired last year
  4. 2 pounds of crumbs
  5. diapers that no longer fit my kid
  6. burp cloth with questionable stains
  7. emergency tampon for mama
  8. giant coupon, also expired
  9. first aid kit
    thankfully never opened, though I know the day I kick it out of the bag is the day I will need it.
  10. wipes container with dry AF wipes
  11. bags of opened, rejected snacks.
    kids can be so damn picky.
  12. sunscreen
    expired, naturally
  13. Purell bottle
    essentially empty