I am 34 years old and will no longer abide by these tendencies. if I don't advocate for myself, who will? I deserve better and this is the year I make it happen.
  1. it's okay.
    to the doctor that made me wait an hour; to the work thing that is suddenly my problem even when it wasn't my fault; to the person that stole my parking spot or cut me off or rear-ended me.
  2. i'm sorry.
    when someone is mad at me but I've done nothing wrong; when someone crashes into me in a crowd but I know it wasn't my fault.
  3. yes.
    the steak is cooked correctly; I can do that thing; I can help; I can drive; I can take the middle seat even though I absolutely hate it.
  4. I'm fine.
    I slept fine; I feel fine; I'm not overwhelmed by my full-time job and two toddlers and husband and friends and family and wanting to give to them all but having nothing left for myself.