(Inspired by @shanaz) background: pale as a ghost, oily, prone to break outs when I try something new, 34 years old. product junkie. love to mix in a few expensive-ish gems with cheaper things.
  1. morning cleanser
    my old faithful. I started using this about 15 years ago and it will be hard to ever part with. not pictured: night cleanser is purity made simple by philosophy. awesome at make-up removal. just ran out so no photo.
  2. scrub
    you'll see I'm a bit of an origins product whore. the smell of this is so refreshing I feel like it wakes up my whole face.
  3. toner
    I just started using this one and it's okay so far, but I think I prefer the zero oil toner by origins.
  4. retinol
    thanks @dena for enlightening me to the fact that I need this in my life. I'm using it every other night while my skin adjusts.
  5. serum
    love the origins original skin product line.
  6. moisturizers
    aveeno ultra calming with spf for day, and then I rotate night moisturizers. usually it's neutrogena naturals on a regular cleanse night, origins a perfect world after a scrub, and shout-out to @dena again for introducing me to this garnier gem, which I use on my retinol nights.
  7. extra moisture boost
    when needed I'll mix a drop in with my regular moisturizer.
  8. eye cream
    origins ginzing in the morning to help with puffiness and origins starting over at night.
  9. masks
    once a week I'll do one of these or a sheet mask. this is a sample of the origins original skin, which I loved and am definitely purchasing. their out of trouble mask is great if I feel a break-out coming on.
  10. results
    selfies break me out in hives, but I guess I gotta show you my face after all of this product talk. 😬
  11. those are the highlights! now a question: I need a good moisturizer with SPF suggestion.
    I'd like something higher than my current SPF15 that doesn't smell terrible or feel greasy/cause break-outs. let me know if there is one you love! ❤️