What an awesome request. 😊
  1. That I am still creative.
    I haven't written much in a very long time, and this page made me realize how much I missed it. I have written lists, certainly, but also what are essentially essays and some poetry, which I haven't done in years. And it's not just writing. Being here has made me feel more creative in all aspects of my life.
  2. That I can be extroverted in an introverted way.
    I think the whole of the internet allows this, but for me, this is where I feel more myself than anywhere else. I once told a friend that this place is where I unzip my head and let the contents spill out. I can't even begin to tell you how invaluable that has been to me.
  3. That I have a distinctive voice.
    Until people started commenting about things I've written, I never truly realized that my writing had a unique "voice" to it, its own style. I was just writing the way I think or the way I speak with no thought that what I was writing was different in anyway from anyone else.
  4. That age doesn't mean a damn thing.
    I love that I am connected to people here of all different ages, and most of the time, I wouldn't be able to tell at all unless someone actually says it. We are all just us.
  5. That where I'm from means everything and nothing.
    Much like the age, I have found that oftentimes, it has made no difference at all that I'm from a tiny town in Kansas, that my dreams and desires and interests are not unlike people here from faraway cities and countries. But I can also see that it has shaped me in ways I haven't even noticed.
  6. That I am mostly an off the cuff writer.
    While I am an Android user and still have access to drafts, the truth is, I have rarely ever used them. I tend to sit down, write, and publish - all in one fell swoop. I didn't realize what an oddity that apparently is until everyone started discussing their writing process when drafts went away.
  7. That no matter the time of night or day, someone will be here.
    I have posted things at 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, and there is nearly always a pretty immediate response. That's a nice feeling when it's 3:47 am and you're in the middle of an existential crisis and you've never felt more alone in your life.
  8. That I complain a lot.
    At least I feel like I do here. I think I complain here because I tend to swallow it all in my real life. So sorry for all of the whiny bitching! Just know you are doing a great service for the people I associate with on a daily basis.
  9. That I will never feel like one of the cool kids. But that's okay.
    I will fully admit that in the beginning, it was about likes and trending and getting noticed. I want to be a Li.st cool kid. But somewhere along the way, I stopped caring. As I got to know more people in a personal way, it became more about reading what they were writing and about creating for myself. This has become more of a journal for me than anything, and I love that. This is 100% me. And I don't know that I can say that about many things I do.
  10. That total strangers really can change your (or your child's) life.
    This incredible group of people, who have never once met me, who have certainly never met my kids - you saved my son's life. I know there were other factors, but those cards... Those were special. Those made a true and lasting impact in my whole family, and I will be forever grateful and have love in my heart for this community of strangers who became my friends.