"That's quite a specific amount." "Well I have specific needs."
  1. 6. The Legend of Old Gregg - Season 2
    This is an awesome episode, but I'm putting it last because it's the one every knows, and there is so much more to the Boosh!!
  2. 5. The Jungle -Season 1
    Bob Fossil? A man made of cheese? Mod wolves? A locksmith summoned? What more do you need?
  3. 4. The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox - Season 3
    Giphy downsized medium
    Come for the Crack Fox, but stay for the Scottish homeless guy.
  4. 3. The Power of the Crimp - Season 3
    Behold the Crimp!! Powerful, indeed.
  5. 2. The Nightmare of Milky Joe - Season 2
    Howard ends up in an abusive relationship with a coconut on a stick. I mean. Come on.
  6. 1. Nanageddon - Season 2
    Where can I even begin?? It's got a demon disguised as a sweet bingo playing old woman, the most powerful hairspray known to man made from the tears of Robert Smith, Saboo and Tony Harrison and, of course, Kirk.
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