inspired by @andersun and everyone else
  1. Don't be discouraged if you don't get a job in your field of study right away. Or at all.
    There are opportunities beyond what you realized in college and you can find fulfillment in places you never expected.
  2. If you have the opportunity to travel, take it.
    It doesn't have to be some grand tour of a foreign country either. Just getting out of the place you know so you can experience something new is what matters. And that can happen halfway around the world or an hour from your house.
  3. You don't change the world by being just like everyone else.
    Think for yourself. Make informed decisions based on your beliefs and values, not everyone else's.
  4. Vote, vote, vote.
    You are living the perfect example of why this is important.
  5. Learn how to be a pain in the ass sometimes.
    I just had this conversation with my 22 y/o daughter about an insurance issue she was having & it was advice given to me by someone in the industry. When you need something done, the best way to get them to do it is just to be a pain in the ass. Not impolite, just constantly on them. "Become a problem they want to be rid of" - her actual words. 😄
  6. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
    Nobody has it all figured out when they graduate from college. I don't have it figured out now! It's okay to ask questions that seem stupid - what's a furnace filter and how do I change it, am I going to jail because I forgot to file my taxes last year, how do I buy new contacts, etc., etc. It's okay to not know. You don't have to have it all figured out.