1. So. I work in an office building, but because of my job, I'm in and out a lot, and the actual office I'm in is kind of isolated from everyone else even when I am there. (Which is exactly the way I like it. 😊)
  2. I don't have a tremendous amount in common with my office coworkers. They are all very conservative and most are older, and while they are nice people for the most part, we just don't share a lot of interests. I'm the office weirdo.
  3. BUT
  4. Today a coworker named Debbie cornered me in what is quite possible the strangest conversation I have ever had. Keep in mind, this started with her asking me how my kids were adjusting to being back in school.
  5. Here are things she told me during the course of this conversation -
  6. "I'm an alcoholic."
    Oh! .... *awkward smile*
  7. "About every six months I just want to leave everything behind and start completely over. In fact, for a long time I did just that. One day, I'd just get in my car & drive away with only the clothes on my back. Left behind clothes, furniture, my house. Too much negativity attached top it all."
    ... ... Well... I can ... relate to the the urge to... start over! *eyebrows slightly raised*
  8. "I am the center of my own universe. Nobody really matters but me. I've had many therapists tell me that's not the way to have a healthy life, but after a session or two, I always realize I'm fine."
    ...I uh... really need to get back to... that... thing... I'm working on... *backing away slowly*
  9. "Your kids are gonna be fine."
    Yep! ... have a... good weekend! *shuts office door*
  10. It may seem taken out of context. I promise you it wouldn't make any more sense if I told you ever single word. 😕