I'll say what I can't/won't say elsewhere
  1. Some of you may have seen a list I posted about my daughter voting. Today, I awoke to this. Broke my heart.
  2. I have a sister and brother-in-law who are Muslim. They are afraid.
  3. I have a son who is openly bi in small town Kansas. He is afraid.
  4. I have daughters who have heard sexist, degrading, dangerous things said by men and boys and EVEN OTHER YOUNG WOMEN. They are afraid.
  5. As a parent, I am fucking furious. I am furious that I raised my children to be open and good and loving and hopeful and accepting and this is what they see. This is what they see our country choose.
  6. This is what they see their grandmother choose, and they don't know what to think about her anymore. They don't know what it means for their relationship with her.
  7. I'm trying to find the hope, I really am. I'm just so fucking tired.