1. As some of you know (Not feeling it) , this was my first Christmas apart from my kids, so I went into it knowing it would be hard.
  2. I thought I was going to be spending it alone, as my BF, Ben, was going to go out of town with his mother to visit his grandparents. But the plans changed, so I got to spend my first Christmas with him!
  3. I was going to make Christmas Eve dinner for Ben and his mom, the full feast, and he was really excited about it, but at the last minute, his mom backed out. It was super awkward, because she made it clear it was due to me being there.
  4. We still had the meal, but it was sort of... melancholy. I was missing my kids and all the usual bustle, and Ben was distracted, trying to figure out why his mom was acting that way. Money is tight for both of us, so there were no presents to open. Just the two of us. And no distractions.
  5. So we ended up fighting. It was stupid and unnecessary. We both went to bed upset and I had made up my mind to go home first thing the next morning.
  6. But then I woke up to a full stocking by my pillow. Nothing huge, just a bunch of little things he knows I love. And he wrote a letter apologizing for the fight.
  7. And I surprised him with tickets to see Rogue One. He's a huge Star Wars fan, so he was VERY excited. (This is him watching every spoiler review known to man prior to seeing the movie, which drives me insane, but whatever. 😊)
  8. We talked a lot about what had happened and how we felt, and it was really good. We ended up feeling closer as a couple. (Even if he refuses to take selfies seriously. 😑)
  9. And my kiddos gave me some amazing gifts before they went to their dad's. Considering I didn't get them anything (other than, you and a house and cell phones...), it made me feel so proud and loved.
  10. A pink pancake onesie celebrating my one true love and the most perfect breakfast food ever. And I totally wore it to the theater to watch Rogue One. Everyone was extremely jealous.
  11. The microplane I've been asking for FOREVER!!! Sooooo much zesting and super fine grating happening in my future meals!
  12. My favorite. A necklace from all the kids engraved with my eldest daughter's handwriting. I'm not crying, you're crying!! 😢❤❤❤
  13. Was it the Christmas I wanted? No. But it wasn't bad. I learned that the world didn't end because I wasn't the one filling my kids' stockings Christmas morning. I learned that life goes on and Christmas is just a day and I can celebrate whenever I choose. Now I know. ☺