1. By some stroke of incredible luck, Sabetha, KS happens to fall right in the path of the solar eclipse totality zone on a major driveshed (a term I'd never heard until now) on Hwy 75.
  2. The big controversy has been that our school district is not canceling school for the big day when all of the neighboring schools are. Instead, we have activities planned at all the buildings and will be hosting students from schools that are outside the totality zone.
  3. As for any unusual craziness leading up to it, all I can say for sure is that the grocery store was extra busy Friday night, and I took a phone call from a guy while I was working there who got mad when I laughed after he asked if there was still food on the shelves.
  4. Other than that, I've spent what is my first entire weekend off in... about three months laying on my couch, so I wouldn't know if our little town of 2,500 has suddenly been overrun with eclipse chasers.
  5. As for plans for the big event, my kids will be in school doing their thing, and my boyfriend is planning on coming out to my office, which is on the outskirts of town and will have a better view than our house, and we'll stand in the parking lot for 20 minutes looking up and making awkward chitchat with my coworkers. Historic.
  6. Unfortunately... It's supposed to be cloudy...
  7. I'll keep you posted!